Wet Film Thickness Gauge

Wet film thickness gauge (WFT) can be measured using a WFT Comb Gauge. The WFT is taken immediately after a coating has been applied so that any deviation from the specified thickness range can be immediately rectified while the paint is still wet, thereby reducing the amount of dried coatings which are outside the specified thickness tolerances.

Available in a range of sizes and in a variety of materials, the comb is a simple but effective tool to use. Place the comb perpendicular to the coating applied for a moment. When removed the wet film thickness is indicated between the wet and dry tooths.


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We also stock the PosiTest DFT (Dry Film Thickness). This is a digital coating thickness gauge for all metal substrates. It is the economical choice that retains the uncompromising quality of DeFelsko coating thickness and inspection instruments. Providing fast and repeatable measurements, with rates of over 60 readings per minute. Available in two models: Ferrous and Combo.




  • Simple & cost-effective
  • Range of sizes & materials

Wet Film Thickness Comb Gauge

Wet Film Gauge


  • Wet film coating thickness measurement

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