Calcium Carbonate


Calcium Carbonate


Calcium carbonate – Fine carboniferous limestone granules. The product is crushed and screened several times, then air classified to produce a material of high purity with a controlled level of fines. It is dried to give a very low moisture content.


Abrasive Type



2.8 g/cm³

Bulk Density

0.53 g/cm³


3 Mohs


Very High



Dust Levels

Very High




FINE 0.15 – 0.3 mm

MEDIUM 0.15 – 1.18 mm

COARSE 0.6 – 1.18 mm

ULTRA COARSE 1.18 – 3.35 mm


• Stone/Masonry/Wood/Concrete
• Surface Finishing
• Surface Preparation
• Vehicles
• Wood: Paint & coating removal without damage
• Wood: Surface preparation

Quality And Research

We have a state of the art abrasive manufacturing facility in Sheffield. This ensures production continuity and the ability to produce the finest quality product. With a UK based warehouse we can stock a huge range of abrasives. This allows us  to meet our customer requirements and deadlines.

Within our facility we have dedicated abrasive laboratory. Stringent testing is completed on all batches. This guarantees quality every time. All premium products are fully certified to the required standard.


Our technical scales force are experts in their field, helping our customers to choose not only the correct equipment, but the most appropriate. They can also guide you on the most cost effective abrasive for your application. this assures we provide the best level of knowledge and customer care to every job.


Hodge Clemco also offer an abrasive recycling and disposal service

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