Stone Cleaning

Stone Cleaning is a specialist process, requiring in-depth knowledge of the application, equipment and abrasives. Many of our most historic buildings and monuments have been restored using Hodge Clemco equipment and abrasive media.


Hodge Clemco is the preferred choice of many architects and contractors. We are a member of the “Stone Cleaning Federation” and have led the way in developing equipment and processes.

The wide variety of substrates and finishes means that a “one-fit” solution is normally not applicable for this industry. However, our popular Soft Clean 1448NC has changed this perception. This unit is designed specifically for this market. Operating from as low as 5psi to full running pressure of 110psi. The machine is capable of very delicate finishes or very aggressive industrial cleaning applications. The machine has the facility to add a wet-blasting attachment, allowing a regulated flow of water to enshroud the blast stream in the form of a vapour mist. This arrests any airborne dust commonly associated with this type of cleaning.

These machines have been added into a renowned franchise of fire and flood restoration specialists with great success.

Whether blasting dry or wet, Hodge Clemco has the choice of media for professionals, from our SC range for delicate architectural work to our range of Stonegrit for normal stone restoration such as renovation projects on barn conversions.

Our portable IBIX products and our 1028NC blast machine are also ideal for this sort of cleaning.

Need help choosing?

Our technical team are experts in the field. We’re here to help you choose the right equipment for your infrastructure projects. We are proud to provide the highest level of knowledge and customer service to every job.