Specialised Industries

Hodge Clemco has become the UK market leader in the surface preparation industry and other specialised industries. Since 1959 we have been invited to develop innovative solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Examples of Specialisation

The glass industry is a popular industry where Hodge Clemco has led the development of equipment. Glass etching is normally carried out by placing purpose designed masks onto the glass surface. Then etching through the stencil using a fine Aluminium Oxide.

The grade of the Aluminium Oxide and the blast pressure sets the opacity of the finish. Very ornate results can be achieved with the correct equipment. Whilst our grit blasting equipment utilises the same high specification plant as other processes, handling the products is always the difficulty in the glass industry.

Hodge Clemco has developed a range of low friction rollers and supports. These are designed to gently support large panes of glass whilst being robust enough to withstand the environment of a blast cleaning enclosure.

Hodge Clemco has manufactured semi automated cabinets for a variety of applications. Blasting the internal faces of cylindrical parts is difficult. We have developed a cabinet with a vertically mounted reciprocator to provide a smooth blasting motion whilst a cylinder is being rotated. This application provided a grit blast etch to the internal surfaces of aero-engine mountings in the form of rings, stacked in a cylinder.

Our engineering department is able to take a project from concept through to final installation. Our experience and knowledge allows us to take your project through to completion. For further information please contact your regional Industrial Sales Manager.

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