Oil and Gas

Our oil & gas customer base demands highly specified equipment. Whether the application is on or off-shore, Hodge Clemco provides a solution.

Onshore applications typically involve blast cleaning fabrications. These then go into arduous, saline environments. And in some cases, direct onto the sea bed. For this reason, the coatings used in the industry require a high performance mechanical bond. This makes the blast cleaning process critical in the success of the coating system. Our range of industrial blast rooms and cabinets are widely used in the industry. Providing an excellent balance of performance, reliability and low running costs, making them the preferred choice of many professionals.

Off-shore applications are normally carried out by a selection of approved contractors. Hodge Clemco has worked within the industry to develop safe working schemes and appropriate equipment to meet the demands of the ‘off-shore’ applicators. Our range of Slurry Blast machines, mounted in robust frames allow the units to be easily handled around a drilling platform. The water/grit mix (slurry) gives excellent cleaning results without the dust normally associated with grit blasting. Hodge Clemco has a range of ultra portable blast machines; our IBIX units are ideal for small repairs and have proven popular where access is normally carried out by abseiling teams.





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