Shot Blasting Cabinets

Shot blasting cabinets for all your blasting needs are available from Hodge Clemco.

We are able to provide pressure blast cabinets suitable removing heavy corrosion and tough coatings. They are also great when high production rates are necessary.

Our suction cabinets  are a great choice for use when  ensuring a decorative or aesthetic finish on a variety of materials.

We also offer automated blast cabinets and stock a range of spares and parts for the machines.


At Hodge Clemco we offer a comprehensive range of both standard and bespoke pressure and suction hand blast cabinets. Our cabinets include a light unit, a blow off gun and a blast nozzle. Vestibules can be fitted to the doors for larger components.

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Pressure Cabinets

Pressure feed hand cabinets are essential for the removal of heavy corrosion or when high production rates are required.


Suction Cabinets

This type of cabinet provides the ideal cleaning and finishing solution to most corrosion and coating issues.


Bespoke Cabinets

Alongside our standard cabinets here at Hodge Clemco we also offer bespoke cabinets to meet customer specifications.


Smart Cabinets

Our entry level Smart Cab is compact and economical. It is great for short intermittent stages of blast cleaning.