Hi-technology materials such as titanium have become widespread in the Medical Industry. From prosthetic parts, joint replacement and medical implements, the application is wide-ranging.
Many of the medical tools used today have been processed in a Hodge Clemco machine. From scalpels to forceps, glass beads are commonly used to provide a smooth cosmetic finish.
Joint replacement parts are put into service after being coated with a low friction jointing material. This coating needs a coarse surface to bond to and Hodge Clemco has developed a range of manual and semi-automated blasting cabinets for this purpose.

Pressure Blast (sandblasting) Cabinet (IND1500COMPXM)

Our A200 machine offers high production speeds, minimal operator input and excellent cleaning results. A series of automated suction guns are strategically placed around a rotating satellite table. As the part rotates in the blast zone, the media hits the product producing an even finish.
Hodge Clemco offers a range of Glass Beads and Aluminium Oxide products specifically for this market.