Rail Industry

Hodge Clemco has supported the rail industry from the very early days of British Rail to the latest operator, Railtrack. Our technology has developed with the pace of the rail industry to meet a variety of needs and applications.

Portable Plant

Our range of portable plant includes equipment specifically used for bridge and site refurbishment projects. Hodge Clemco’s portable range of standard machines provide reliable performance with a wide range of abrasives.

Our site dust extraction units  are portable and robust. This allows them to be used on the most arduous application. From bridge refurbishment to train station renovation, we have the solution.

We are proud to have installed a large number of bogie and carriage refinishing booths throughout the UK and the Middle East.

Our bogie refinishing booths offer the flexibility to process multiple carriages inside the booth, with up to 4 operators at any time. Any contaminants removed from the bogies, along with the media are automatically conveyed to a grit cleaning unit. Our air wash unit with scalping drum can economically remove oversize material and fines dust from the useful abrasive.

This allows the cleaned media to fall under gravity into a storage silo. This silo then delivers the cleaned media back to the operators for recirculation. Chilled iron media is commonly used on these applications due to the density and hardness of the material.  Therefore, offering unrivalled cleaning rates.

Refinishing Booths

Hodge Clemco offers a range of carriage refinishing booths. This range of equipment is traditionally longer than standard blast rooms. In some cases, profiled doors can be fitted to provide an efficient seal around the carriage, enabling the booth to be shorter. Options with underfloor pits are also available.

Brake parts, shock absorber components and linkages can all be processed in our range of standard rooms and cabinets.
Hodge Clemco has installed various track cleaning cabinets. Which have been  specifically designed to provide a mechanical key prior to the application of an adhesive to bond the fish plates on the rail joints.


Need help choosing?

Our technical team are experts in the field. We’re here to help you choose the right equipment for your infrastructure projects. We are proud to provide the highest level of knowledge and customer service to every job.